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Near the very centre of England lies Leicester. Leicester is proud of its rich historical heritage stretching back in the mists of time to the Celtic inhabitants; through to modern times. Leicester's history has everything from classical Roman, mythical Kings, medieval Earls and industrial revolution. Truly there is something for everyone!

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We are currently working on a new site. However, as this is taking longer than expected we have uploaded a few articles that were going to be kept for the new site.

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We are looking for people interested in the history of Leicestershire to write articles for this site. You will be credited for any information given.  If you would like to submit an article to us, please send an email, including the article, your name and email address, etc. to us. Alternatively, if you have any information you can contribute to an article that we have already started working on, please go to our current research section.

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Leicester Online History Society

The Leicester Online History Society is a free society for anyone interested in the history of Leicestershire.

Members get:

  • A monthly newsletter

  • Access to a members only forum on the message boards

  • Preview access to some new articles, images, features, quizzes etc.

  • Access to the new MEMBERS ONLY SITE, which was launched on 1/1/2003.

  • More will be added soon.

And what's more, membership is FREE. Members don't have to live in Leicestershire and don't have to help with the site. There are no age restrictions and absolutely no charges.

Visit to view the new site if you are an existing member, or to join the LOHS.


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