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This site was designed and created by Daniel Spencer and Thomas Williams, with the help of various other people. Of course, people don't have to work directly on the site to help us. The Semper Eadem team would like to thank the following people for helping us, by linking to our site, and/or supplying information to us:

  • George Smith for his help, supplying information and images, and also linking to us.

  • Leicester Museums, for linking to us in our early stages, and also for supplying some information about various museum buildings. (and displaying out posters)

  • Elizabeth Batt for advertising us at Suite 101 Historical Links.

  • The reference library and central lending library as well as various other libraries around the county for displaying our posters

  • Clive at Wartime Leicestershire for the  Leicestershire target maps.

  • Everyone else who has linked to us, or helped us in any way whatsoever.

Our thanks also go to all the people who have helped us with our searches for information that we have been asked to do by various people.

If you have added something to the site and haven't been credited here, or on the something in question, I apologise, and please tell me and I will add you straight away.

D. Spencer


Contact Us

To contact us, please either email the LOHS, or one of the following members of staff:

Daniel Spencer

Thomas Williams