Lady Jane Grey was born in October 1537 at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire. She was christened at Newtown Linford Parish Church.

Lady Jane's parents had very high ambitions for her, and they hoped that she would marry her coousin, the young prince Edward (later Edward VI), and become queen. Jane enjoyed studying, and her parents gave her every educational advantage possible. She loved her lessons and became famous for her scholarship.

At the age of 9 she was sent away to learn the ways of high society with the Princess Elizabeth (later Elizabeth I) in the household of Katherine Parr. After the Death of Katherine, Lady Jane returned to Bradgate, but her parents sent her away a few months later to live with the Mother of Thomas Seymour, the Lord Admiral. Lady Jane was soon married to Lord Guildford Dudley, Earl of Northumberland.

Around this time, King Edward fell ill, and dreaded catholic succession under Mary, so he didn't take much persuasion in bequeathing the crown to Lady Jane. On July 6th the King Passed away. Northumberland took control. He planned to proclaim Jane queen, and disinherit Mary. 3 days later Jane was brought to one of the Dudley Residences and Northumberland pronounced her Queen of England. Jane was very much upset and didn't want her to be queen, but the others eventually managed to persuade her.

The next day, Jane was taken to the Tower of London and shown to the royal apartments. The crown was placed on her head. On Monday 10th July, Jane was proclaimed queen in London. A letter arrived from Mary directing the council to proclaim her queen and Northumberland realised that she had to be captured. He set out with an army of 3000. Mary, however had a larger army, and Northumberlands men deserted. No battle took place. Mary was proclaimed queen in cheapside.

Mary entered London in triumph on August 3rd. Jane and Guildford were kept in the tower. Northumberland was excecuted. Jane and Dudley were given freedom within the tower, and Mary even considered giving her her freedom. Mary then married the king of Spain, and unpopular move. Jane's father and brothers got involved in Wyatt's rebellion and Mary turned against Jane. She offered Jane one last chance. She ordered her to turn catholic. Jane refused. Guildford was excecuted on Monday February 12 1554. Lady JAne was excecuted soon after on tower green, at the age of 16.


More detailed information will be added soon. Some of our information was researched using Joan Stevenson's book, Bradgate Park. Our thanks go to her.