The City of Leicester Crest were first granted to the city at the Heraldic Visitation of 1619, and is based on the arms of the First Earl of Leicester, Robert Beaumont.

After Leicester became a city in 1919, the city council applied to add to the arms, permission for which was granted in 1929, when the supporting lions, from the Lancastrian Earls of Leicester, were added.

The motto "Semper Eadem" was the Motto of Queen Elizabeth who granted a royal charter to the city. It means "always the same".

The crest on top of the arms are a white or silver legless wyvern with red and white wounds showing, on a wreath of red and white.

The supporting Lions are wearing coronets in the form of collars, with the white cinquefoil hanging from them.

Article Researched by Daniel Spencer

Thanks go to the University of Leicester from whom we researched some of the information.