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Leicester's History

Towns & Villages Government & Royalty Commerce, Transport & Industry
Famous Citizens General Information
The Clock Tower
Abbey of Saint Mary de Pratis (Leicester Abbey)
Belvoir Castle (New)
The Siege of Leicester
The Leicestershire Survey - 1130
The Blitz in Leicester - November 19th 1941
Whitwick Colliery Disaster - 19th April 1898
Leicester's History
Origins of Name (why is Leicester called Leicester?)
Why did the Romans come to Leicester?
The Population of Leicester
Leicester's Crest  
Street Names of Leicester  
Government & Royalty
Lady Jane Grey
The Parliament of Bats - 1426
Earls of Leicester
Commerce, Transport & Industry
Leicestershire's Hosiery Industry
The A6 - An Early Turnpike Road  
Leicestershire Canals 
Coal Mining 
Walkers Crisps and Henry Walker (New)
General Information
Listed Buildings
Aristocratic Ranks
The Pipe Rolls

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