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1825 The current HM Prison Leicester is built on Welford Road.

1832 (July) Leicester to Swannington railway section 1 (Leicester to Bagworth) opens.

1833 (Feb) Leicester to Swannington railway section 2 (Bagworth to Bardon Hill) opens.

1833 (April) Leicester to Swannington railway section 3 (Bardon Hill to Coalville) opens.

1833 (Nov) Leicester to Swannington railway section 4 (Coalville to Swannington) opens.

1833 Long Lane Colliery (Coalville) opens

1836 Theatre Royal built (now demolished)

1836 Lutterworth Town Hall is built.

1840 Construction of Mount St Bernard Abbey, designed by Pugin, in begun

1841 (July) Thomas Cook runs his first excursion.

1844 Construction of Mount St Bernard Abbey Completed

1845 "Pork pie" Chapel built by Joseph Hansom.

1847 Foundation of Ratcliffe College


The original corn exchange is built in the Market Place.


Top floor and bridge added to corn exchange.

1859 Stoneygate School Built

1863 Henry Hughes founds the Falcon Works next to Loughborough Station.


The Clock Tower is built.

1870 Cropston Reservoir opened

1876 Present St Peters Church, Glenfield, is built, when old church is deemed too small, and unsafe.

1876 Leicester Town Hall is built. Guildhall becomes Police HQ

1881 The old fish market is built.

1889 Charles Bush, an American Inventor, unites his electric tramcar manufacturing company with the Falcon works and founds the Brush Electrical Engineering Company.

1892 Thomas Cook Dies
1895 Foundation Stones of All Saints Primary School, Coalville, Laid

1898 Grand Hotel built on Granby Street, Leicester.

1898 (April) Whitwick Colliery Disaster

1900 The Turkey Cafe built in Granby Street.

1904 First electric trams in Leicester run.

1912 Leicester Infirmary granted Royal Charter.

1913 De Montfort Hall designed by Shirley Harrison.

1915 Brush Engineering Company build their first aircraft.

1926 Wyggeston Girls School built on Regent Road. Now Elizabeth II College.

1927 Leicester Central Fire Station built on Lancaster Road

1928 Charles Bennion purchases Bradgate Park and presents it to the people of Leicestershire for "their quiet enjoyment".

1949 Last tramcar runs in Leicester on November 9th. The final tramcar was decorated in white and blue, and had flags flying from the roof.      

1957 Leicester University Founded

1966 Leicester to Swannington railway closes

1967 County Hall built in Glenfield.

1969 Lee Circle Car Park Built

1972 Market Centre built.

1991 Shires Shopping Centre opened in Leicester.

1998 Pope John Paul II beatifies Blessed Cyprian Tansi, a  Cistercian monk at Mount St Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire, who died in the Leicester Royal Infirmary in 1969. Blessed Cyprian's feast day is on 10th January.