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Wyggeston's Chantry House is built.

The Greyfriars Monastery near St Martins is dissolved by Henry VIII.

1525 Lady Jane Grey born in October at Bradgate Park, and christened at Newtown Linford Parish Church

1554 Lady Jane Grey Beheaded.

The Leicester Corporation, who have been meeting in the Guild Hall for some years, buy the property.

The Conduit is built in Leicester.

1632 The town library moves from St Martins Church into the East wing of the Guildhall.

1638 The fire place in the Lord Mayors Parlour at the Guild Hall is installed.

1645 Royalists hold the Parliamentarian city of Leicester under siege in English Civil War.

1683 Alderman Gabriel Newton is born.


The front part of the Castle Hall is built.


Belgrave Hall is completed.

1771 Leicester Infirmary (now Royal) opened.


Braunstone Hall is built.

1778 First section of canal in Leicestershire opens. The river soar was canalised between the Trent and Loughborough.


The first part of New Walk is built..

1790 Leicestershire architect Henry Goddard born.

As we now have more dates, we have split this section into two parts. This part goes from 1501 to 1800. The second page goes from 1801 to the present day.

1801 to Present Day