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Hugh de Grantmesil becomes Governor of Leicester after William I wins at Hastings.

1093 Ivo, son of Hugh de Grantmesil, inherets the governorship. 

1107 Robert Beaumont becomes Earl of Leicester. Also in this year, the building of Saint Mary de Castro is begun.

1118 Robert Le Bossu, son of Robert of Beaumont, becomes Earl of Leicester

1130 Leicestershire Survey

1168 Robert Blanchesmains, son of Robert Le Bossu, becomes Earl of Leicester.

1190 Robert FitzParnell becomes Governor of Leicester

1208 Simon De Montfort born in France

1209 William Leveric becomes the first Mayor of Leicester.

1230 Simon De Montfort becomes Earl of Leicester.

c. 1240 Foundation of the Grace Dieu Priory

1265 Simon De Montfort killed at battle of Evesham when rebelling against the King.

1322 Henry Grosmont made Earl of Leicester.

1330 The Leicestershire Survey

1331 Trinity Hospital is founded

1345 Robert Henry, Son of Henry of Grosmont, becomes Earl of Leicester.


Village of Ambion wiped out by the Black Death

1361 John of Gaunt becomes Earl of Leicester

1390 Great hall of Leicester's Guildhall built as a meeting place for the guild of Corpus Christi.

1399 John's son becomes King. End of Medieval Earldom of Leicester as it is absorbed into the Crown estates.

1410 Magazine Gateway built.

1426 "Parliament of Bats" held in the Great Hall of Leicester Castle.

1485 Battle of Bosworth. Richard III killed.

1495 Loughborough Grammar School founded near the parish church in Loughborough.

AD 1501 - AD 2000