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Quiz 2

This quiz is about famous people who were either famous citizens of Leicestershire and Rutland, or have links to the counties.
  1. Thomas Cook ran his first excursion from Leicester to where?
  2. Which famous heroic WWII fighter pilot was a pupil at Loughborough Grammar School?
  3. The inventor of the Hansom Cab came from which Leicestershire town?
  4. Which Leicester MP went on to become a prime minister?
  5. Which famous prime minister stood for election as an MP for Leicester, but failed?
  6. Wordsworth, Walter Scott, Constable and Lord Byron have all stayed at which NW Leicestershire hall?
  7. Who are the 4 statues on Leicester's Clock Tower of?
  8. Which famous singer has a house at Great Glen?
  9. Who was the first Earl of Leicester
  10. Which famous children's author comes from Leicestershire, and set her famous set of books in the county?
  11. Which Leicester born Author (born in 1905) wrote a series of books between 1920 and 1950. During WWII, he was the chief of scientific personnel for the ministry of labour.
  12. Which Lutterworth man was the first to successfully translate the bible into English?
  13. Admiral of the Fleet Beatty lived at which Leicestershire Hall?
  14. Which 70's group came from Leicester?
  15. Where was Thomas Cook's original office?


Quiz by D. Spencer