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Quiz 1

This quiz is based on Leicestershire and Rutland Villages. Not all of the information can be found on our site.

Identify which village I am describing in each example:

  1. This village, not far from Rutland Water, has a well known turf maze, which measures 40 ft across.
  2. This Leicestershire village, on the Grand Union Canal, has a flight of 10 locks.
  3. This village is near to Leicester. It is on the line of the old Leicester-Swannington Railway (now dismantled) and is at one end of a long tunnel. There is a large building here known as "The Ratepayers' Palace"
  4. This village has a permanent maypole, and a memorial to the foundress of Grace Dieu Priory, Roesia de Verdun.
  5. This village is located on a Dismantled Railway, and used to have a famous incline track. The steam engine that used to operate this track is now in the National Rail Museum in York.
  6. This village, not far from Leicester, was the Birthplace of Bishop Latimer, a famous protestant martyr.
  7. This village is famed for its slate, which is to be found on the rooftops of much of Charnwood. It has a large area of woodland, among which can be found several old slate quarries, now full of water.
  8. Another village which has produced slate, from which the roof of Buckingham Palace is made. It also has a large granite quarry, and a pool.
  9. This village is home to the oldest pub in the county.
  10. This town in Leicestershire is famed for its pork pies.
  11. This Leicestershire town has a castle, and was also a spar town. It also has a grammar school.
  12. This town was home to the Brush Engineering Company. It is at the North End of the Great Central Steam Railway, and is home to a bell foundry.
  13. This Former mining town in NW Leicestershire now has a museum at one of its old mines. It has a large clock tower.
  14. This SE Leicestershire town has a famous Grammar School raised on stilts, providing a covered market place underneath.
  15. This Rutland village is now home to an RAF base. It also gave its name to a hunt.


Quiz by D. Spencer