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Please do not insult anyone, use obscene language, post irrelevant links or post illegally copied information or pictures
We have now switched our forum provider over to iLeicestershire. The new iLeicestershire site uses php scripting, and now has its own dedicated message-boards. We have managed to get several forums there, in the "Semper Eadem" Category. Please click on the Enter button below to reach the forums.

How to use the forums:

  • Please obey the forum rules. This can be read above, or in our forums policy. The administrators reserve the right to ban offending members.
  • We recommend you sign up to iLeicestershire. If you don't you can still use the forums, but you cannot use many of the other features.
  • If you use any information from the message board, please credit both Semper Eadem and the poster of the message.
  • To go to the message board - click on "ENTER" below:


To view our full message board policy, click here

Semper Eadem are looking for regular users of the message board who would like to become moderators. If you would like to be a moderator of a forum on our message board, or would like more information, please contact us.