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To submit images to Semper Eadem, simply fill in the form below. We will then visit the link that you give us, and save the images onto our own webspace. You will be credited. Please make sure that you have the right to give us these images. We reserve the right to reject any images. If we find that images are not yours, we will pass on your name and email address to the owner of these images.

If the images are not online, please email us, for information about how to get them to us. If you have a scanner, then they can be scanned and then submitted. Otherwise they will have to be sent by post.


Email Address:

The images are online (if so, please fill in the URLs and Locations. If not, please go to description)

Image Url and Location You can give up to 5 images at a time:



The location is the place where the image was taken.






Descriptions of images (ie what they are images of). Put the image number by the image.

Did you take the pictures yourself?