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Picture  Description

NAME: The Crest of the City of Leicester
COPYRIGHT OWNER: City of Leicester 
NOTES: For more information in regard to the City's arms, please view our article which can be found here.

NAME: The Crest of the County of Leicestershire
COPYRIGHT OWNER: County of Leicestershire
NOTES: These arms were granted in January 1930, and the crest represents Leicestershire's governmental history, and it's economic history. 

In the shield itself, there are four quarters. The first quarter is the Cinquefoil of the Beaumont family (the first Earls of Leicester). In the second quarter is the two tailed lion of Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester. The third quarter shows a feather, taken from the arms of John of Gaunt, the last Medieval Earl of Leicester before the lands were absorbed into the Crown estates. The fourth and final quarter shows a Black Maunch, which is the sleeve of a medieval dress. It is taken from the arms of an important Leicestershire family, the Hastings, who built both Kirby Castle, and Ashby Castle.

The supporters represents Leicester's economic history. The bull represents grazing, and the sheep represents the wool industry. The ducal crown around the neck of the bull represents Leicestershire's connection with the Duchy of Lancaster. 

The fox represents fox hunting in Leicestershire, a practice that has existed since the 17th century. The hazel leaf on the left of the motto commemorates the services of Lord Hazlerigg, Lord Lieutenant Leicestershire from 1925-1949, and the martlet was taken from the arms of Sir Robert Martin, who was Chairman of the County Council from 1924-1960.

NAME: The Crest of the Town of Loughborough 
COPYRIGHT OWNER: Town of Loughborough
NOTES: Also the arms of the Charnwood District Council, and are based on the arms of the Hastings family, the Barons of Loughborough (you may recognise the paunch from the Leicestershire arms). The Hastings were an important Leicestershire family.

They also commemorate the de Spencer (though the escallops and fret) and Beaumont (through the lion, who holds a symbol of the Hastings family, and stands on a symbol of the de Spencer's) families, who were both Lords of the Manor of Loughborough before the Hastings family.

The Beaumont family were the first Earls of Leicester, and Lord de Spencer was an important crusader.

The motto means "In Truth lies Victory" and was the motto of the Barons of Loughborough.

NAME: The Badge of the Leicestershire Regiment
NOTES: This is a photograph of the Leicestershire Regiment badge, taken at Tyne Cot War Cemetery near Ypres in Flanders.

The badge shows a tiger, the symbol of the regiment, an honour awarded in 1825. It is superimposed with the word 'HINDOOSTAN' in recognition of its service and conduct during its campaigning in India from 1804-1823. Since that time the Regiment was always proudly called 'The Tigers'.