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Welcome to the Semper Eadem Map Room. Please feel free to browse the maps. We do not hold copyright to most of these maps, therefore we request that you do not use them without checking with the Semper Eadem Team first.

Please use this index to find a map, and click to go to it.

# Date Description  Picture
1 Roman Era A great map! Overlays the modern street map with the Roman one! LINK
2 Roman Era  This map shows the positions of al the Roman settlements in Leicestershire. Slightly blurred but nevertheless useful.  LINK
3  Medieval Although this map leaves a little to be desired, it provides a basic street plan of Medieval Leicester.  LINK
4  1887  Ratcliffe College is in this picture, but most importantly, it shows the line of the Roman Fosse Way (now A46)  
5 1888 A rather murky of the city centre, but still has excellent historical value
6  1888  This shows Whitwick Castle in perspective to the village. A bit blurred around the castle though.  
7 1888 A very detailed map of Glenfield
8 1889 This is a great map! This shows exactly where the castle was in relation to the village. 
9 1942 These German target maps of Leicestershire were made by the Luftwaffe in Jan 1942. Click on the maps to enlarge.
West East
Primary targets are outlined in Red, secondary targets in Blue

Maps Courtesy of Wartime Leicestershire


If you require a copy of any of these maps, please email us and we'll send you a better quality copy.