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 Section 2

2.1 - The Bronze Age

The Bronze age stretched from 2000 to 700 BC, and began when the first metalworking technology was introduced into Britain about 4000 years ago. However, it was not until about 1000BC that the bronze tools began to replace their flint equivalents, as before then, bronze tools were only really used as a measure of wealth, and usually were made as "grave goods"

We know that during the bronze age there was a settlement somewhere in the area now occupied by Leicester City Centre, as the burial site has been found in the High Street, Silver Arcade area. We also now that a barrow cemetery was built on a ridge overlooking the River Soar. We also now that there were bronze age burial mounds in the Western Park and New Parks areas because crop marks have been found.

Bronze tools have been found in the area, as far apart as Eyres Monsell, Abbey Meadows and Glenfield, as well as in the city centre itself. A large amount of pottery was also found in Glenfield during building work on the Elm Tree Avenue Housing Estate. This settlement is believed to date from 1000BC and is thought to be an important centre, possibly the bronze age predecessor of Leicester.

Question A

Bronze Age Source Question

Look at the sources and answer the questions which follow.

Source A

A selection of Bronze Artefacts found during excavations at a Traprain Law near the River Tyne.
From ""

bronze age daggers

Source B

Bronze Age Daggers.

(From ~clist/Pacabrze/)

Send the answers to the following questions in an email to your tutor.

  1. Use the scale to work out the approximate width of Axe 2 at its widest point. (1)
  2. What do you think item 5 is? (1)
  3. What do you think the round cylindrical part on the axes is for? What special natural item would be required (1+1)
  4. Compare these axes to those from the Stone Age (question b above). What were the advantages of the bronze age ones? (4)
  5. Why did jewellery really start to be used during the bronze age, and not during the stone age? (2)
  6. Why did bronze tools take a while to become widely used (2)
  7. When did bronze tools really start to be used. (1)
  8. What was a "Barrow" (2)

(15 Marks in Total)



Please make sure that you feel confident about this topic prior to moving on to section 3.