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Leicester Online History Qualifications Textbook 1

By Thomas J Williams & Daniel J Spencer
Welcome to this textbook! This, in case you haven't noticed is the online HTML version. Soon, we hope that you will be able to download this in HTML format, and word format for download in a zip file!

This textbook has two purposes:

  • To help your instructor to teach you
  • To help with revision

It includes information, and questions. However, you instructor may also tell you to look things up on the site, or to give your other work. All instructors have different methods - but they all cover the same things by the time the examinations are here!

Unit 1: Historical Techniques
Unit 2: Pre-Roman Era
Unit 3: Roman Era (AD43 - AD410)
Unit 4: Post-Roman Era (AD410 - AD 1066)
Unit 5: AD1066 - AD1585
Unit 6: AD1485 - AD1750
Unit 7: AD1750 - AD1900
Unit 8: AD1900 - Present
App 1 Practice Examination Questions
App 2 Learning Tips

Text Box: Semper Eadem Level 1 Textbook -  Semper Eadem 2002. Images from this book may be used for the Semper Eadem Qualifications work without prior permission. Should you require permission for any other reason, please contact your tutor, as we do not hold to original copywrite to some of the sources.