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The battle of Bosworth was fought in Leicestershire. The battle of Naseby was fought just out of the county, in Northamptonshire

 Bosworth Battlefield and Visitor Centre

Bosworth Battlefield was the site of the last battle of the wars of the roses, the battle in which Richard III lost the crown to Henry VII. The Battle of Bosworth was fought in 1485, and brought to an end a long and bitter feud between two sides of a family, each believing it had a right to the throne.

The Visitor centre contains models showing the battle, costumes, a video, and much more. The Battlefield is almost completely open to the public and provides excellent walking and picnic areas.

The entrance to the visitor centre is on Ambion Lane, between Sutton Cheney and Shenton. There is a small admission charge to the visitor centre, but access to the park is free.

The Battlefield of Naseby

The Battle of Naseby was arguably the decisive battle of the English Civil war. It was here that King Charles suffered his worst defeat. There is very little on the site of the battlefield. There is a monument and a couple of information boards, but apart from that, it is unspoilt (apart from the A 14 running accross the south end).

There is a small museum in the village of Naseby.


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