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This timeline shows the chain of events that occurred during the 5 days of the siege of Leicester. The times are only based on what we have researched from books, and therefore may not be perfectly accurate.

Day / Time Event

27th May

Afternoon Vanguard of Royalist army arrive
Late Afternoon 6000 men surround the city of Leicester
Early Evening Lord Loughborough's regiment set up a siege battery on Raw Dykes

28th May

Early Morning Langdale's cavalry arrive. Scouts begin to search for weak points around the city of Leicester.
Afternoon A small group of Parliamentarian cavalry led by Major Innes and Captain Babington beat a larger group of Royalist cavalry at Belgrave.
29th May  
30th May  


Cannons positioned by the Royalists at Raw Dykes are ordered to fire at the Newarke, and continue for several hours.
31st May  


by this time, most of the outer defences of the city, excluding the Newarke have been breached by the Royalists.


The last of the Parliamentarians within the city surrender.
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