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Coalville is a smallish town, lying on the A511 near Ashby, 10miles North West of Leicester. It may not seem obvious why I chose to do this article, but I have my reasons:

1. Coalville has a very interesting and rich industrial heritage.

2. My father's side of my family come from the area, and I have always been interested in that part of the county.

Shops and Businesses

Spencer's Bakery

Ashby Road

In 1935 Jack Spencer opened a bakery on Ashby Road to serve the western part of the town, and all the surrounding area. As well as baking fine quality goods, he also allowed customers to make use of the large ovens and cooked many large turkeys, geese and fowls for people who would have had difficulty cooking them in domestic ovens. The business closed when Jack Spencer retired in 1974, although his eldest son continued the business, in Tenbury Wells near Ludlow.